Time on prediction


We have data on how many times a device turns on, average time it runs and how long it is off.
I would be interested (if possible and practical) to have a predictive element to when the device may turn on again.

I’m not naive, I understand this would be a challenge, not all devices are the same and can not always be predicted. How should it know when I turn on my washer and dryer on.

My motivation for this, is that I have an unknown device that was discovered, and it runs an average of 13 seconds. It’s not a significant power user, but not knowing what it is is driving me nuts. And 13 seconds doesn’t give me enough time to try and find it.
Note: I suspect it’s my water softener, but by the time I get the notification, not much time to dash to basement to see if it’s still running. I’ve tried.


Run a video camera on the device, make sure it’s clock is accurate, and then you can compare the video to the time on Sense.


I was just thinking that. Now I wish I didn’t sell that gopro I won a few months back. lol