Reducing Noise of on/off with a "time running to report on" value

Hi there,
I’m using sense to track dishwasher, washer, dryer in HomeAssistant. When it starts report state ‘Running’. Once finished change to ‘Needs Emptying’.

I have built door sensors to ensure an alert is being sent every 30 mins UNTIL the door is opened.
This all works really well, BUT i’d like to request a feature.

A number of the devices seem to pull power at random times without being ‘ON’.

So my ask is can we create potentially 2 values that can be added to the settings of a device:

Power considered ON:
Time running before considered ON:

equally, if like my Dishwasher that drops power consumption, but finishes the stream cycle but is not yet OFF, this value could also be used:

Time stopped before considered OFF:

Apologies if these exist but I cant seem to find any way to customize them