Did the Dishwasher Finish Running?



Severe thunderstorms rolled through Southwest NH yesterday (Sat, 7/6/2019). My wife and I had left to go to a birthday party, after prepping ,etc we cleaned up, started the dishwasher and hit the road.Coming home a while later to a flashing stove clock it was clear we had lost power at home point. When the dishwasher is done there is a white light but that must have reset during the power failure. The normal solution to anything like this is just to rewash the load. Thanks to Sense the question of “Did the dishwasher finish before the power went out?” was answered. With Sense sometimes it’s just all the little things :slight_smile:


Guessing yours doesn’t show it off/on multiple times as it goes through the various cycles?

Yes, Sense does report it turns on/off during cycles but it had turned off for the third time around 1:30pm which means it is done.

When my dishwasher was detected and for months after, it would have on and off notifications around 50 times foe each cycle.
This has improved with time and I just checked for the last full run cycle and there were only two on and off notifications.
My washing machine has been the same with the many on/off during a single cycle. It has improved at least a little bit not yet as well as the dishwasher.
I’m really happy about the dishwasher improvement.