Motor Device detection: Dishwasher or not?


Monday Sense reported it had discovered a new device, motor. I tested all over the house and could not find a positive, so I named it Unknown and set the notifications on. Last night after dinner I started the dishwasher. Unknown turned on. I renamed it Dishwasher and categorized it as a dishwasher. I watched the bubbles for a while and saw it reported as running. The timeline for yesterday shows Dishwasher turned on, off but two hours later than I actually started it (it started right away). History shows that it has not run since Monday. I reported a problem.


Is your timezone set correctly on your Sense and your PC/Phone whatever you’re looking at your Sense data with?


Excellent question. Yes, and yes. Network time. Time zone USA/Denver.


Ok just making sure since the difference was 2 hours :slight_smile: