Toaster Oven vs regular Oven


Anyone have a good comparison of a toaster oven vs a regular oven wattage?

This might be obvious, but I’ve noticed that using our oven is quite expensive wattage wise. Additionally the AC kicks on more frequently for the rest of the night. I’d be interested to know how a smaller over (toaster) would compare both in use and in speed of cooling down.


As most toaster ovens have little or no insulation, I would expect it to add another heat source into the house. Do as we do in the nice warm central valley of California ( 107 F ), use the toaster oven outside in an outside kitchen. Or order pizza, it’s easier. As for the elements, they are basically the same thing wattage wise, however the toaster oven will probably cycle more due to lost heat.


Those are several good points. I have used my treager outside for a pizza in this way, but for whatever reason putting a toaster oven outside didn’t occur to me. As for insulation, my brothers oven has a smaller top portion for this sort of thing and is probably well insulated too. Unfortunately I recently replaced my oven and thoughts of energy consumption (and loss into the house) we’re not on my mind when I purchased it.