Total Wattage Usage Verses Sum of "Orange Buckets"

Hi Everyone,

New to the Sense device and forum! Just really getting started with the unit, but I’m already digging in on detected devices! Over the course of my adventure, I’ve noticed what appears to be the 220V issue where one leg is detected as a device (in my case Motor 1) and the other leg ends up reporting to the Other bucket.

I found myself adding the sum of the various buckets and it would be significantly more than the single total listed on the bottom-right corner of the app… Shouldn’t this total figure be representative of the sum of all the “buckets”?

Thanks guys!!

This video goes over phase(leg) detection issues:

“Significantly more” in the sum of the Bubbles could be from the fact that the 2 phases you have are at 120deg … so you have 208V nominal. Do you know if your power feed is from a three-phase?

When Sense “splits” the legs it will put the 120V watt calculation in what it thinks is the appropriate Bubble (bucket). I believe then it could do a mis-calculation because it’s multiplying the measured current (per leg) by 120V vs what should be an effective 120*0.866. Then again, this could be completely wrong!

More about a three-phase install here:

Two other thoughts on the bubbles adding up to more than the instantaneous total

  • Since Always On is a long term measurement and calculation (48 hours for good reason), it can sometimes temporarily be too big with respect to what is happening in your house leading to Other disappearing and the bubble sum greater than the instantaneous sum. Eventually Always On will adjust to the new normal and and the mismatch should disappear.
  • Sometimes a bubble can get stuck On if Sense misses an off-event, so again Other will likely disappear and the bubble sum will be bigger than the sum on the bottom. Sense will eventually turn the bubble off after a timeout period that is based on that kind of device.

As Kevin noted above, there can be a couple answers to why this is happening. The Always On bubble is the most common culprit. I’d suggest reaching out to the Support team though and they can take a look at your data and give you a more solid answer.

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