Tp-Link HS110/HS300 -- Any non-functioning units around?


I’m wondering if anyone has any non-functioning HS110 plugs or H300 power strips around that they’d be willing to donate or sell for a fair price. I’m curious what a plug dedicated to energy monitoring, w/o the ‘Smart’ features like remote on/off control, would entail. It seems many users here, including myself, are trying to find these now rare devices for the energy monitoring functionality only. I’d like to do a tear down to get an idea of what one of these would look like without the ‘Smart’ components and circuitry. From the tear down images I have been able to find, it appears a large portion of these devices size and cost is the result of the circuitry for the on/off feature (relay and supporting components).

Just a high-level curiosity at this point. My interests are more focused on an individual plug, so an HS110 (v1 or v2) would be preferred. But I’m not opposed to an HS300 if someone has one. Although preferred, I suppose in either case it doesn’t have to be a North American version (I believe the internals are the same other than the plug). If anyone’s willing to help out it would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t have any HS110s I’m willing to give up yet. But I can share some thoughts on the BOM inside. I don’t think very much of the cost goes into the on/off control, though a fair amount of internal real estate goes toward things like the relay, the manual “power/reset switch” and the mezzanine board that allows the same electronics to be used with plug configurations for different geographies (North American, UK and Euro). The greater cost items are probably the WiFi controller and associated front-end (required for monitoring) plus the Maxim metering chip (ST chip in the case of the HS300).

somebody give me the schematic, I’ll layout the pcb and we’ll make our own :smiley:

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A few years ago, home depot, Walmart and others sold what was called an EcoPlug. Some had power monitoring capabilities. The boards were identical, only the power monitoring chip and components were not included in the non power monitoring versions. I never did get a hold of one that could do power monitoring, though. They are controlled by an esp8266 which basically just controlled a relay and read power info on the power monitoring version

Hackaday has a good blog on this and the original author has links to at least one other person with more info.

If you can get a hold of a reasonably priced power monitoring chip, this would be very easy to implement.

There are other ways to do this such as using a pzem-004t or custom current monitor (which can be made for just a few dollars).

I have one HS110 that arrived DOA from a recent sale on Woot. They gave me a credit. Units were new-open box. I tried a support claim with TP but they didn’t recognize Amazon-Woot as an authorized vendor.

I opened it up because I was curious but couldn’t determine why it was no good and followed a teardown video (minute 28 ).

I’d be happy to mail it to you if you’re interested. PM me your address.

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