Updating device info

A new device was detected and confirmed that we agree about it, so renamed it to a name for me; pump. There’s provision for brand and model; I’ll do it later. Dug out the info, went to devices, but couldn’t where or how to update the brand/model info??

If you navigate to the device in your Devices tab and then tap the ‘gear’ icon in the top right corner, you should see a spot to enter the make/model in the Details tab.

Thanks, thought I had pushed all the icons!!

Can’t find “gear” icon…i.e. top rt, to find way to “rename” device. Sent em to support.

That’s certainly odd. Can you provide a screenshot? You should see something like this, with the gear in the top right:

Hi Ryan,
I had logged into your site on computer… and that is where the challenge is. When I went back and logged in, on my cell, I see the “gear” icon.

I’m curious why we wouldn’t be able to see that when using a PC.


It’s a bug and we’re working on pushing a fix now.

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