Warn if sump pump gets stuck!

We had a pretty wet fall here, and I setup sense to warn me if my sump pump stays on for more than a couple minutes.

Bingo! Seems sometimes the float switch isn’t turning off when the water level drops. Sense notifies me, and I can turn it off (plugged into a tplink hs110) and flick it back on when I get a chance to check on it. Alternatively, if my leak sensor (home assistant not sense) goes off, I know the sump isn’t functioning. But seeing it overheat lets me intervene and prolong its life some until I can get around to replacing it!


I have tried a similar trigger, but I get a lot of false positives. Have it set to notify me when the sump pump is on for more than 2 minutes. Typical cycle is about 10-15 seconds. Not sure how to decrease the false positives…

2 mins should be fine. Did 1 min not work?

I used 2 minutes to cut down on the false positives, but that still hasn’t been effective.