Web app on Chrome missing scroll bars

Anyone else see that vertical scroll bars are missing on the “Devices” tab on Chrome?

They exist on Firefox (though there are 2 within the device pane…one perhaps to scroll through the entire list of devices and the other perhaps to scroll only through the “on” devices):

(On Edge, everything is totally screwed up.)

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Are you actually having issues scrolling in Chrome? That’s working fine for me. We’ll investigate this.

In Chrome (Version 79.0.3945.79), I don’t see any scroll bars…so no scrolling with scroll bars; though if I click into either the device list pane on the left, or the pane of the right with the various metrics for the selected device, then I can “scroll” using the arrow keys or scroll wheel on my mouse.

The fix you guys just pushed to fix the web app on Edge seems to work well. For Edge, the scroll bars are present, and there is just a single vertical scroll bar for the device list, rather than 2 for Firefox, and 0 for Chrome.

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I’ve seen the same. BTW looks like you have a lot of fridges…

Yes and no. Sense has detected 12 fridge devices, but with 2-3x duplicate detections.

I really only have 2 fridges, but each with 2 compressors. I also have separate wine cooler and ice maker machines, but I don’t know if any of the Sense fridge devices are for them or not.

I just put HS110 smart plugs on all 4 of these machines, and hope to tell Sense which of the devices it has identified are which.

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I’m looking at old screenshots and webcasts I recorded in Chrome and I’m not seeing scroll bars. Are you sure you had scroll bars prior to the recent release?

I had not used the web app until a few days ago. I don’t know what prior releases did. I only know that as up right now, scrolling is handled differently by all 3 browsers firefox, chrome, and edge.

  • chrome: no scroll bars
  • edge: 1 scroll bar
  • firefox: 2 scroll bars

That is correct. I’ve logged this with the team and we’ll take a closer look.