Bug report: Interface misses pieces on Safari on MacOS

This bottom stuff shows up in Chrome on MacOS, but not in Safari on MacOS. Tested this both on versions 11.7.1 and 12.6.1. Safari version 16.1 in both cases.

This is true in both release 13 (beta version) and 14 (regular version) of the web app.


Thanks @dolfs ,
Have you checked in with support or filed a ticket ? Just trying to keep issue visible to support team and engineering.

I think there have been intermittent Safari web app display issue since about Sept. I think I reported to support then.

The whole idea about ticket system is that they (sense) follows up.
Did they ?
It sure looks to me (like my opened tickets which get automatically switched to solved) it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Well, good thing you mention that. I had to go look to find out where to even do that. Found help.sense.com. At first could not figure out how to file a ticket since the “Contact Us” only offers “Email Support”. So I ended up doing that.

Using that method, including a screen shot, like I did in the forum, is not possible, except as a separate attachment. So did that, although it is annoying. Then submitted and received a message that a “ticket” had been created.

However, going to “My Requests” it doesn’t show.

So I saw some comments about this ticket system lacking… I guess I agree.

And, just before you perhaps think the wrong thing: I have been in tech/sw engineering for 40 years. I am no dummy. The UI for sense, in various locations, are poorly designed from a usability perspective.

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I open a thread here and send a mail to support@ with the url of the thread.
Of course they keep merging my tickets and keep setting them to “solved”

It is not user friendly
It is not being used efficiently

Well, I did it the other way around. I actually filed three separate bugs. Today come to find two of them “solved” without explanation and a long reply in the third one, mixing all three and acknowledging those two, but a cannot reproduce on the third one.

I told them, as I believe you and others have, that bug reports and responses should be kept on separate tickets. The other two are now mysteriously solved, without explanation for those who look at them.

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Could it be someone is cutting corners in a foreign country that manages the first line support?
Someone at HQ should be checking that of course…

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Oddly it seems as if Sense tier 1 employees with Indian names are most often better than those with American names.
For whatever it’s worth I notice the same with those who call about car warranties, computer viruses and debt relief, claiming their name is Paul, John, George, Ringo or whomever.

I have had the opposite experience so far.