Ugly wrapped text bug in web UI

Selected a specific device and saw this:

I have previously reported on the “Export” running into “Bill” on narrower browser pages. My suggestion was to move that button to second line in such scenarios, still leaving it on the right. This bugs’ ticket was previously summarily closed as part of a “roll up” with other bugs I reported, so I am sure it got lost, eventhough it was acknowledged.

What is new here is the wrapping of the data range about the graph. Here is what my browser “insect” mode shows:
CleanShot 2022-12-26 at 09.47.28

Clearly the CSS styling of this element is allowing insufficient width because in this case there would be no need for wrapping at all. The style class “div.nav-arrows__title” does not appear to exist. I would also suggest that the text itself be coded with a non-breakable space separating the month name and day number so that if a wrap occurs it would have wrapped the above to “Dec 2022 to” and “Jan 2023” on the next line.

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I see it too, at least in Safari. Seems like someone had been working on the Device views.