Incorrect text in UI graph (web)

Clicking on a device to inspect today’s usage, got this:

Notice the text "this was yourlife pre-Sense:. Several issues here:

  1. The product name is normally not capitalized. It looks weird here
  2. This is not my life pre-sense. I’ve had a unit for over a year, and yesterday’s data shows something. The device was simply not on today so this text is misleading, except for the “No Data” part
  3. “yourlife” should have been two words
  4. The start of the second sentence “this was” should be capitalized (or removed in this case, but there is a case where it might possibly be a correct use of such a message (over 1 yr ago for me)

One of countless examples.

As I have posted, I suspect all coding is contracted and outsourced most likely overseas where English might not be the primary language.

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Based on what I see I would agree with that observation, certainly for all UI code, but possibly not for server side code, or the algorithmic device detection etc. In my experience as a “fixer” I have seen this kind of issue from outsourced (too) cheap coding too often.

Having said that, the customer service is making unnecessary excuses, possibly as a pre-cursor to not fixing things (“it may have been intentional”). I think at least tier 1 support is also outsourced. It is very common for such “foreign” folks to operate under English first names only to make it appear otherwise.

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No doubt support is outsourced

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Hi @dolfs @Beachcomber,

This is an in-house support rep confirming that the message “This was your life pre-sense” issue in Safari has been resolved. We have eliminated the message.

Please check it and confirm on your own.

I appreciate your patience while we worked to help you. Have a great day.

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Message still displays in Chrome.
Either remove the message entirely or change it to “No data for the selected time period”.

As you can see in this image the graph for today states ‘life pre-Sense’ when you can see the device timeline show the device turning on and off on the 4/2 and prior.

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Hi @obscuredtrip

Thanks again for your feedback.

Unfortunately, this is a separate issue that I am aware of and have previously reported. This one falls more into the “design choice” bucket and less “obvious bug,” So it was a little less urgent to look into.

With that said, I’ll bring it up again and try to push to resolve it, as I agree “No Data…This was your life pre-sense” doesn’t make a lot of sense when there is recorded data before this statement.

This is especially true if the “Pre-Sense” message is actually not there in the past.

Thanks again. I’ll make a note to update you if this changes or if I have more info to share.


3 month wait for fix that doesn’t work.


I wanted to let you know that the issue with “no-data, this was your life Pre-Sense” should now be resolved in the web client app home.

If this is not resolved, please let me know.

Thanks again for your patience while we worked to fix this for you.