Web App “Usage” not populating

Is this what you are talking about…Sam… ?? Gerry

If it’s a connection problem then how are other tabs populating?
Take a look at the post right below your response and how this user has a screenshot of the same thing. Maybe it’s happening more than you think but it’s not being reported. It works in the phone app just not in the web app. It’s likely not being reported because user still have some access to the information

Yes @gcrawford.k8ger
The left side looks like mine in all browsers, empty.
I have cleared history, cache, temp files , etc
Same results

I may be wrong, but I don’t think the usage tab has ever contained anything other than the whole home usage.
Mine looks the same as @gcrawford.k8ger’s screen shot.
If I want usage by device over time I go to the device tab.

Dan, are you seeing the one big graph in the Usage tab like in the screenshot? Or are you not seeing anything at all.

I see the graph but the left pane is not populated. If that’s by design then my comment about inconsistencies stands true. Shouldn’t it be the same as the phone app?
There isn’t enough data in the large right pane to be useful at all.
Here is a shot of phone app. What is included in the bottom pane on the phone should be in the left pane of browser. It being empty makes me wonder why the empty pane even exists
Also note that web shows navigation by using “usage” to get to trends but it’s the exact opposite in the phone app and you use “trends” to get to “usage”, this is to access the same information. If this is all be design then it’s just terrible design and not well thought out.

Right. What I’m saying is that unless my memory is playing tricks on me, that has never been populated.
I think the fact that on Web its called Usage and on the phone app its called trends was deliberate as they are not the same thing. Sense has never claimed that the two version (Web app and Phone App) have matching functionality.

Since the web app launched, the two have not had the same features. Sense has said a bunch of times that they want to get them closer / the same, but as with everything else, it is about resources and priorities.

Does it make you wonder why the creation and existence of the left pane? What’s the purpose? To look like a mistake?
I’m not sure if I agree about the use of the words “usage” and “trends” being deliberately done this way as both use the same words just in the opposite order of access.
If the left pane is how it is supposed to be in this way, it still makes zero Sense to me. It would be incredibly easy for them to populate this pane with the identical information as seen in the phone app and it would then not look like a mistake or unfinished. What they should have done is not had that pane at all.

It would be a good idea to update the marketing on the Sense site to reflect that an iPhone or Android device is required for full functionality.

You’re right. It may not belong in the marketing materials - more likely in the specs. An iPhone/iOS or an Android device is required to initially set up the Sense device and account.

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I had forgotten about initial setup. You are correct and specs would be a more appropriate place for it.
It will be interesting to see the updates coming to the web app.

About 15 device have been identified, of which, sometimes 3-4, that have been renamed, show up on the monitor panel. If Heat-1, Motro-1, etc. don’t show on the monitor panel, then all the other panels are meaningless. Currently the only thing of value is power used and solar generated. I claim being a rookie in electronics of this nature, but can claim 50+ years on information systems.

As has been noted elsewhere in this thread, the mobile and web app are not up to full parity. You can find more info about there here: https://help.sense.com/hc/en-us/articles/115015714647-Features-in-the-Sense-Web-App.

The mobile app is prioritized over web app as that gets the vast bulk of usage. We do have continued updates planned for web app though.

I am curious what you’d like to see in that sidebar though. The Devices list is under the Devices tab. It wouldn’t make much sense to reproduce there. The layout is just very different from mobile.

I’ll also add that the need for a mobile device is noted in many places on the site, including on the primary product page. https://sense.com/product

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As you mentioned m, I see they are not exactly the same in every respect or feature. I didn’t realize it at first because that left pane is empty on the web app and that looks like something unfinished. Compare it to the same view in the phone apps and see if it doesn’t look like something is missing.
As for what I think should be included there, the same information included in the phone app. It would make a more consistent experience across the two. Right now it looks like a mistake. Why create a left pane that is empty? Other than to make fools ask questions ( referring to myself)?

If you’d like to request a feature in the Web App, the best place to do that is in the Product Wishlist subforum.

Many of my devices are not identified either. But, I am only interested in general in solar panel output vs. use. I could of course track things down, rename etc. but, I am only interested in the bottom line. On a side note, I live in Mexico where they credit you with any kw’s generated over use, but they then a year after you open account erase any accumulated kw’s. Sadly, my start month is May when the rainy season starts to roll in the clouds. Until it actually starts to rain very hot and humid, when you need to run the air conditioning. They erase my accumulated kw’s and my 4kw array does not on overcast days produce enough power to run air. So, I am putting in another 5300 watts of solar panels, will lose vast amounts of accumulated kw’s every year. The upside I guess is I will not have to be so careful about usage and just accept the fact the the power company will make out like bandits. I only got into solar in the first place (with back up batteries, inverter etc.) because the power fails so many times a year here. Once, after a two week outage wife and I went to the power company office to beg them to fix the line. On the way up to the office in the stairwell they had a free-standing display bragging about how “this building is completely solar powered”. We burst out laughing and quipped “yeah, they can’t even keep their lights on”.
Steep learning curve with all things solar, but the Sense monitor is a nice piece of gear to help to know what is going on in real time.

As of 6-26-2019 3:30cst I am now missing the entire “usage page” and “usage tab” as of an hour ago… https://home.sense.com/trends/usage crashed today, then upon refresh went to (404 - Oops, the page you were looking for doesn’t exist.) Also, the “usage tab” for the web version is gone and “trends tab” is now there. I liked the old way much better. The new version is a mess and doesn’t make any sense. The totals don’t even add up and you have to hover over the day to see total usage. No please tell me they didn’t change it to what I am seeing now…

Are you still seeing a 404? Please write into the Support team if so


If the url should contain the word usage at the end of it in the Web App V8 like Web App V7 then yes I still get the 404… That is what I have been trying to clarify. The word (usage or no usage) at the end of the Web App V8 url?

Web App V7 - Receive a 404 with the url (usage) added at the end since V8 was released

Web App V8 - Loads the new version of the page fine without the (usage) at the end of the url

The correct URL is https://home.sense.com/trends

All is good then, except for those suggestions I mentioned. :grinning: thanks