Web bubble issue

My bubbles are HUGE.
I don’t have a touch monitor for my desktop so there is no way to 2 finger zoom like the mobile app.

This started a few days ago after a reset (breaker flip) to resolve another issue with some of my Kaza plugs not appearing in Sense though the plugs still functioned normally with the Kaza app & Alexa.

Normally the bubbles will resize themselves so most are viewable, but not anymore.
Tried clearing cache, using a different browser, Sense (breaker) reset doesn’t help.

have you tried logging out /in again ?

It logged me out when I first cleared my browser history. Also had to log in when I tried with a different browser.

I did nothing since I created this thread and today the bubbles are back to normal size.

Their normal size is still larger than I would like with some not able to fit on screen.

Feature request
I would love if Sense allowed for zooming of the bubbles on the web using the mouse scroll wheel. Similar as to how you can two touch the bubbles on the mobile app.

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Thanks for sharing your feedback @obscuredtrip. This would be something our Support team would be more knowledgeable about. You can reach them directly via the Sense mobile app by navigating to Settings > Help > Contact Us, or at https://www.sense.com/contact.

@JuliaAtSense, would you like me to submit a support ticket for the feature request or for the issue that resolved itself?

I’ve usually found the best, quickest, most accurate and detailed help for most issues to be from other users here on the forum who are most often more knowledgeable then the initial ticket takers. So I usually reserve submitting a support ticket as a last resort. I’ve had numerous bad experiences over the years with the initial ticket team not understanding the issue(s) even when multiple images submitted and often they have made the issue(s) worse until I can get them escalated to a lead which even then it’s hit or miss wither it can be resolved or ends up getting closed (times out) while waiting for a follow up from another department (engineering, data since, etc…).

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Sorry if I misunderstood your initial post @obscuredtrip. It sounded like you were having trouble fixing the size of the bubbles. If that’s been resolved, great! We always appreciate constructive feedback and the larger understanding that we’re trying to make Sense easier to use for everyone. That being said, we know we won’t always get it right and appreciate having a passionate community to gather feedback from. If you have any further questions or suggestions please let me know, and thank you for being a part of the Sense community!

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I have a similar issue regarding relative bubble sizing. When my solar PV panels are producing, the solar bubble dwarfs all the other load bubbles. As the sun climbs the sky, once the solar production exceeds say 1kW or so, I would be happy to have a display option to show the solar bubble as a fixed icon that just tells me what the output is, rather than a ginormous bubble.

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