Wemo vs TP HS110


There’s a teardown of the HS110 here. The relay and power caps are pretty big.


Interesting. Still wish they designed it to go on the top plug and shaved off the bottom so the bottom plug is still available.


I hesitate to mention it because we don’t work with it (yet — we’re digging into the feasibility of it), but TP-Link has the HS300 power strip too that gives you insight into an entire strip of plugs.


I’d like to see them available as a complete electrical outlet replacement instead of a plug. The WAF is much higher and makes for a cleaner install. I have a number of z-wave outlets, but they don’t report energy usage.


Yea I saw that, maybe by the time you guys get it integrated the price will drop :slight_smile:


They’re regularly on sale for $49.99 (still pricey, but not as bad as their $74.95 MSRP)


I used to be enthused about Homekit, but now that I control most of my switches (and even my EcoBee thermostat) via my Alexa I find I rarely load the actual apps anymore for much of my home automation stuff.

I actually have 4 different brands of switches and such now - Belkin, TPLink, a few Sonoff modules that I’ve integrated right into some oddball/seldom used lights in our house, and more recently some off-brand $5/each modules from Costco.

Yes, as a result, I have a bunch of different control apps, but since they all integrate with Alexa and IFTTT I rarely use them anymore.

On a different note, another kick against Belkin for me - our $99 Belkin Wemo Dimmer switch that controls the lights in our living room went offline a few days ago, refusing to even respond to Alexa. I pulled the trip panel off today and even the reset button underneath has gone unresponsive. It looks like my only solution will be to shut off the breaker feeding the switch to reboot it that way. I’m really losing faith in this Belkin hardware - I’m half tempted to remove it all from my setup here, sell it all while it still has some value, and replace it all with Tp-Link hardware which has proven WAY more reliable and responsive.


I would agree re: Homekit. My enthusiasm for it has waned a bit. I like that I can set my scenes via Siri, but that’s really all I’m using it for at this point. The Home desktop app has been nice to have for at-a-glance visibility too, but I tend to want deeper visibility than a simple glance, so mostly using Sense (for my smart plugs) and beestat.io (for my ecobee).

I must admit, the cheap Ikea smart plugs have been tempting me, like the Sonoff ones in the past…