What are the Current Differences Between the Phone / Tablet App and the Web App?

Outside of obvious form factor, and layout differences there are a few features that differ between the Sense phone/tablet app and the web app. Kudos to @jefflayman and @obscuredtrip for their suggestions and submissions. If you have more, please comment below and we can add.

Screen/Tab Phone/Tablet App Web App
Current Production Version 44.2 iOS / 44.3 Android 14.1.0-ec7b61
Main Power Meter Updates in realtime & includes transition tags Static & doesn’t include transition tags
Device Power Meter Included in Device View Not Available
Device Ordering in Device List On/Off and decreasing real-time Usage On/Off and Alpahbetical
Monitor Setup (using Bluetooth) Available Not Available
Monitor Network Test (using Bluetooth) Available Not Available
Carbon Intensity Available Not Available
Setup of Integrations via Connected Devices Available Not Available
Setup of DCM, generator, solar, dual 100A Available Not Available
Goals Available Not Available
Sorting of Devices in Device list By current Wattage Alphabetically
Always On list in Always On device Can add new Always On devices manually View only
Electricity Info Under My Home under Settings Under Settings
Sense Monitor Under My Home under Settings Under Settings
Data or Factory Reset Available Not Available

In addition:
Some of these are layout differences but worth noting.

-Some integrations Philips Hue, Wiser, Ecobee can only be set up and only appear in the mobile app under connected devices.
-DCM, generator, solar can only be set up using the mobile app but appear in the web app under connected devices.

-Goals only appear on the mobile app.

-Main Meter only displays $/hr on mobile.

-Devices show different amounts for Avg % of monthly use on web vs. mobile.

-Mobile app sorts devices by current wattage, web app is sorted alphabetically.

-Always on device list can be edited on mobile app but not web app.

-Web settings Electricity Info has it’s own tab, Mobile the option is behind the My Home tab.

-Mobile settings Connected Devices is it’s own tab. Web it’s behind the My Home tab.

-Web settings has a tab for Sense Monitor. Mobile it’s behind My Home tab.

-A data or factory reset can only be preformed using the mobile app.

-(bug) when display cost is enabled on the mobile app the web app dashboard displays the line on the graph incorrectly.


@obscuredtrip , great additions. I’m going to move to more of a table format to handle screen by screen differences.


Have updated in table form above.