What happens when I do a Solar Calibration


Everytime the “factory” goes a reset on my unit the display of Mains power becomes confused and is somehow a function of the Solar Power. I end up having to run a Solar Calibration to untangle the Mains readings. Would someone (Ben?) try to explain the technical aspects of the Solar Calibration?


Why are you having to do repeated factory resets? When you do a reset I believe your system must go through a process of examining your CT and voltage configurations because they are not “right”. It was explained to me that you are better off getting them right the first time so they don’t have to be fixed in software. What this entails in making sure the CTs read positive by themselves and that the voltage is aligned with the correct leg and if you have solar make sure that it is correctly aligned. Search this board or the facebook ground as the procedure was posted there. I did this with my replacement unit and it works much better this way.


I posted this in another thread but thought I’d reiterate here. There appeared to be an issue with @1agkirk2’s monitor settings that were throwing a wrench into device detection. Alex, our technical support team member, looked into the issue more and should have the problem solved.

What Howard is referring to is our automatic signal check process which happens when a Sense monitor is installed for the first time (or after a factory reset). The solar calibration process calibrates the solar readings so solar consumption doesn’t read negative at any point, by setting what the ‘0’ of solar system is.

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