Solar calibration for new solar install

So my solar system is installed but off waiting for final inspection and approval. The solar CT clamps are installed on the solar lines (load side). Is there any reason why I can’t enable and calibrate solar now while the system is off? Or does the calibration require power to be flowing from the solar system?

I’d like to avoid the negative numbers again and loss of always on for 2 and 1/2 days.


You’ll have to wait until power is on. The calibration process is two steps - zeroing out with power off, then test reading with power back on. The second step requires about 150w to finalize calibration… And often you’ll need Sense to fiddle with something on the software side as well. Strap in, the first few days can be a little bumpy :wink:

Oh fun! Look forward to it. :wink:

Yup. I just got a replacement unit and it won’t calibrate solar correctly. As you can see my right solar main is under-reporting so that unrecognized power is making the right incoming main show negative to account for it. Have recalibrated three times with no luck :frowning:

Solar got turned on today, so far so good. Haven’t seen anything abnormal yet, but it has only been 4 hours or so. Haven’t been able to really dig into it yet, I’ll watch it over the next few days and let you know.

Post up a pic of your 12hr usage graph when the sun sets :slight_smile:

Found my first weirdness, after the sun went down and I use my microwave I get solar showing production.

Microwave on

Microwave off

You also have what looks like the “daytime dip.” Notice how your consumption shoots up when solar drops precipitously at 415 or so? Also note how consumption seems to steadily drop from 1030-1130 or so.
Watch it again tomorrow to be sure - hard to say if that isn’t something normal…

There’s not a chance you have an errant wire included in the solar CT clamps, is there? That might explain what you’re seeing with the microwave.

No, chance on the errant wire in the solar CT clamps. But really weird is I haven’t been able to reproduce the microwave again. I’ve ran it a few time since then and it all shows up under the watts consumed. 166 watts for the microwave is low, it was just weird I was watching the graph to take a screen cap and the mircrowave was running and I thought it was weird that it was twilight/dark and there was the 166 watts on solar when 10 minutes prior there was -3. Then the microwave shut off and immediately the solar dropped to -1. Might have been a coincidence, but just thought of this, is there a some type of capacitor dump from the inverter after the sun goes down and the panels are shutting down from lack of sunlight?

As for the “daytime” dip I was thinking about that and today might be a bad example. I left the house just after 11a and got back around 2:30. My consumption during that time was in the low 300’s. Also around 4:15 the heating system kicks on for it’s pre-heat cycle. I’ll keep an eye on it, what I need is a sunny day with a random cloud to pass by to see if I have it or not. Kind of like to Corona commercial. :slight_smile:

You may be in the clear then as far as daytime dips - I envy you, can’t wait for a fix for the rest of us!

Re: Inverter dump? I’ve never seen anything like that, not to mention, what, 20min after sunset? Odd for sure, but let’s hope it doesn’t reappear :slight_smile: I have a solaredge inverter, fwiw, and I commonly see what looks like trickle out all night (and a bit more just before production starts), but never an inward dump like that after dark.

Mine is a Solaredge as well. Obviously as the system is new, I’m still learning it. I’ll definitely keep an eye on it. So far the solar seems to be holding steady at -1 and the occasional bump to -3 for a blip (which I assume is the inverter’s draw for its standby/connectivity power)

You can go out, click the little green button to get the led screen to light up, and watch your solar go to - 2 or - 3 :slight_smile:

LOL, Nah, I’ve to go into the attic for that.

Had to go up there because the only spot in the basement had a water pipe running above it. Yet the inverter is outdoor rated and water proof. But the electrical code states that it can’t be under a water pipe indoors but completely fine to install outdoors. :shrugs:

So I do think I also have the “daytime dip” or some form of it. When the house is pretty quiet my usage is normally in the 500 - 600W range. I’m noticing when the solar is pushing past 3000W that my usage is in the 300’s and my unknown drops into 20W to no unknown load at all. Unknown is normally in 150 - 250 range when the house is quiet.

This graph from today show pretty well that I also have the “daytime dip”