Factory reset not resetting

Good mornin

The solar company that replaced my service installed the mains CT backwards on one leg

After they came to replace the service panel (yep it was wrong ), I reinstalled the sense and added a circuit I put the CTs in correctly.

Then instarted seeing odd curves on the meter and even negative wattage. when I went in to the my home I seen one leg was reading negative. Ah that explains it

I’ve tried doing a data reset and a factory reset a few times but they just say resetting.
I’ve waited up to a half hour.

I’d like to get the ct all facing the same direction and do a reset so it wont read negative numbers

Hey @lolojr1. If you haven’t already reached out to support@sense.com, I’d recommend sending them an email. They’ll be able to make some changes on our end to help resolve the issues you’re seeing.

will do thank you