What’s New in v19

Hello again!

We just released a new update to our apps for iOS and Android. This update (version 19) follows up on some changes we started to make to the Devices view in version 18, and includes some new features that give you access to more statistics and information about your devices and energy use.

New Device Level Statistics
We’ve simplified the Stats card to show two important statistics right up front(estimated cost per year and average monthly % of usage), but you can now tap on the Stats card in the Device Detail view to see an all new Stats section. We’ve added Estimated Cost per Year, Estimated kWh per Year, Average Time On per Month, Average Cost per Month, and Average Percentage of Monthly Use. Hopefully, this can be useful in analyzing the efficiency of your devices, and understanding how much they’re contributing to you overall energy use.

Updated Trends View for Individual Devices
This view takes the graphs and statistics that used to be split up between the Trends and Usage card, and gets all that information into one place where it can dynamically update depending on what timeframe you’re looking at. Now, you can analyze the yearly, weekly, or daily usage, cost, and more, instead of just the monthly totals.

You can also tap directly on the Trends graph to “zoom in” on smaller increments of time. For example, in the Week view above, I can tap on the green bar for Tuesday to zoom into that particular day.

Comprehensive Backfill for New Devices
In the past, when a new device was recognized, we would display the historical Stats and Usage, but the Trends and Power Meter views were not able to show the energy usage analysis that helped inform the detection of this new device. Now in v19, you’ll be able to see that information backfilled. This gives you a few more tools to help analyze recent use of your devices, and get them identified faster and more accurately.

Other Improvements
We’ve made some bug fixes with the help of the intrepid community here in the forum, and also added password protection to the reset and account delete features, just to be sure that doesn’t happen to you accidentally. There are always too many small things to mention, but our hope is to continually improve your experience, and as always, please keep your feedback coming so we can keep making improvements throughout 2018 and beyond.


I was really missing the device statistic of wattage of the device. That appeared to have been removed in Ver 19. After looking at the drill down stats I found it there.

In the new Stats window, my refrigerator is listed as having an estimated cost/year of ~$62, but the Avg cost/month is stated at ~$3. Both can not be true. I would estimate that the $62/year ($5.17/mo) is likely correct.

It looks like the formula being used for Avg cost/month does not account for incomplete months. I started using Sense at the very end of December and this month is only partially over, so it is averaging in two very short months with two full months. Perhaps it should account for short months in the calculation by just using the number of days instead of full monhts.

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Hey everyone!

You can see some of these changes in this new app demo video.

Backfill for new devices! Yes! I have always been annoyed by the lack of data immediately shown when a device was discovered. Thanks for this.

Regarding the regular version updates, would it be possible to include screenshots of BEFORE and after screens for feature enhancements? Explaining the new screens is great, but it’s even more helpful to see old vs. new to see how the app has improved.


Just to make sure, this wasn’t a new update, but just a new video that went into some of these changes. We treat these app demo videos as our online “manual” of sorts, just documenting how to use the app.

And since I’m the one that makes them, I’ll definitely take the before/after advice into account! I can totally see times when it would be relevant.

Great video. I didn’t see @BradAtSense 's original post, so that’s why I was commenting on the thread in general, not just to your video post. Thanks for incorporating our feedback!