What's new in Web App v3: Nav Bar and Device Details


Now that the Power Meter is alive, we can focus on the smaller, but no less important features still missing from the Web App. In this version, we bring you an updated navigation experience as well as a total revision of the Device Details view.

The Nav Bar
The main navigation bar has been moved from the left of the screen to the top of the screen. The look and feel better matches the recent “tab bar” navigation change to the Sense mobile app, thus making for a more consistent experience across web and mobile. Additionally, on the top right of the screen your email account is displayed, which you can click to go to Settings or to quickly log out of your account.

Device Details
The Device Detail view has been completely redesigned in the Web App, both to better match the mobile experience as well as make better use of the space available in a web browser view. The changes are spread across three “cards”:

  1. Device card:
    This card displays if the device is on or off (and for how long), and now also includes two important stats:

    • Estimated cost/year: A projected cost estimate for what this device will cost you over a year. This is based on 30 days of data (or less if device has not been detected for long enough). For more seasonal devices, such as heating and cooling, we project this based on seasonal usage. If you do not have billing enabled, we display an estimated kWh/year figure instead.

    • Avg. monthly % of use: Monthly average % of your total energy usage that this device represents.

  2. Stats card:
    This card provides additional useful stats for the device, and shouild look very familLiar from the mobile app.

  3. Trends card:
    The previous Usage card has now been combined with the Trends card. Instead of seeing data for a previously arbitrary “this month” period in time, you can now navigate through Trends for the specific device they are viewing, and see Usage stats for that time period. This gives you a lot more control over the data they can see for a specific device, with added flexibility for time-based investigation.

This is another step towards full feature parity with the mobile app. As their features start to come more in line, we’ll be able to start bringing in new features to the Web App, like the oft-requested Data Export.

As always, let us know what you think in the comments!


Very nice and thank you for all your hard work. Appreciated👍🏻


I’ll pass that along to the team! I’m not working hard…I just sit in the forum and talk to you guys all day :grin:


Well I think you have the hardest job of all. Daily I watch people bitch about thier purchase and that this and that don’t work as they wished. As someone who lives paycheck to paycheck, I spent months reading the forums and knew the ups and downs. Anyone buying one has access to the internet and in a half hour of research could have those facts as well. There are those who buy for the sake of buying and those that will always find something to complain about. I don’t mean to insinuate that folks shouldn’t complain, but do so as mature adults also evaluating thier own shopping practices. I’ve been monitoring energy in my home for nearly ten years, I use five different systems. I didn’t need another way to track my usage, but even in its infancy saw great potential and wanted to support its growth. Advice for those angered by thier purchase, “hire a home inspector before paying cash for that house”. Sorry for the ranting, and thanks to everyone constructively sharing in the forums.


Data Export feature will be huge. I have so many different ways I want to visualize and slice/dice my data.


Data export, with the right options, would obviate the need for dozens of special reporting features requested in this forum.