Will Insteon (X10) bridge bother Sense?


I use Insteon in addition to Sense in my home. Some devices use power line communications, and don’t talk across the two legs of my power. Insteon sells a bridge for such purposes that will allow the signals to cross. I believe the signals in questions are essentially X10 signals, so the bridge should be the same as an X10 bridge.
If I install such a bridge, will it effect the operation of my Sense ?

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I’m guessing no. Commercial X10 couplers are either a filter tuned for X10’s frequency, or active repeaters that are also tuned specifically for X10. Bottom line is that both legs are also loosely coupled back at the utility transformer, plus they are coupled through any 240V devices, whenever that 240V device is on, and Sense still works.

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I’ve got dozens of insteon devices and all is good.

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As mentioned above, it shouldn’t be a problem at all.

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Great ! Thank you to everyone who replied.

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I have a similar setup, with a phase bridge. Sense seems to work normally.

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