Will Sense ever be matter compatible?

From the Wiki:

Matter is a freely available connectivity standard for smart home and IoT (Internet of Things) devices. It aims to improve interoperability and compatibility between different manufacturer and security, and always allowing local control as an option.
The standard is royalty-free,though developers and manufacturers incur certification costs.
It originated in December 2019 as the Project Connected Home over IP (or CHIP for short) working group, founded by Amazon, Apple, Google and the Zigbee Alliance, now called the Connectivity Standards Alliance. Subsequent members include IKEA, Huawei, and Schneider.
Version 1.0 of the specification was published on 4 October 2022.
The Matter software development kit is open-source under the Apache License.

This standard started in 2019 ( so 4 years ago).
One of the members is Schneider which is also a partner with Sense.

So the question is obvious and simple ?
Will the Sense unit ever be Matter Compatible ?
They recently released an new version that includes EV charging.

It might be that the current unit doesn’t have enough CPU (not dsp) processing power and a newer version will be able to be compatible with ?

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I’m absolutely in favor of Sense adopting Matter for integrating power reporting. But I also worry about user expectations about Matter - it’s a sprawling standard that leaves use models and whole house system architectural details up to each implementing company.

Plus as I have seen with some of the ZigBee / ZWave home automation, some network structures can’t do regular 2 second reporting on power usage, due to latency and congestion issues. There are ways to resolve, but those techniques rely on vendors adopting consistent use models and labeling devices for support or non-support of specific use models.

So there are probable technical issues well beyond monitor CPU compute.

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Four years since the Matter standard was established may sound like a lot, but it isn’t. The article linked below ends with this line: “While Matter has set an unprecedented pace with more than 1,000 products certified, the product availability is still limited compared to mature technologies.” We may have to wait several years, but Sense will become Matter compatible.

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