Year Trends

Question about trends: Is the yearly trend computed on a calendar year, a floating 12 months (my preference), or something else? I can’t wait until we can adjust the dates of the trends to correspond with our billing periods. How is that enhancement coming?

The YR tab in Trends is currently based on calendar year. You can also press and hold each month bar to view consumption by calendar month.

We can’t wait either! I don’t have a specific release date quite yet but it is coming in the near future.

Thanks for your response.

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From the sounds of it you sorted out your negative wattage issue?

Yes. I finally had to have a new SENSE unit shipped to me. I installed it
and started an account under a new email address. That seemed to do it. I’m
fairly confident I am getting good readings now. I am still in the device
discovery mode right now. 10 devices have been found, three of which I have
no idea what they are yet.
Thanks for checking back!

"Retired and lovin’ it!"

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