Compare energy for months between years?

I get notifications most months that my consumption was more or less than the year before, but when I click on it it just takes me to the consumption for that month (for the current year). I’ve been all over the app but can’t find a view to show more than one year of data overlayed, ideally by month. Is this possible somewhere?

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Nothing built into the Sense UI to do overlays today. I just did a quick search of the user-developed Wishlist and I see requests to overlay devices, and weather with overall usage, but not for two different time periods, yet.

Of course, you can do the comparison relatively easily using Sense data export from the web app (, if you know a little spreadsheet-ese, especially Pivot Tables or the like.

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Hi @benjamin.t.brannon

Just letting you know that I advise providing feedback in the link below. It goes directly to the team that handles feedback/feature requests, and they like to hear direct user stories. Even though similar sentiments have been mentioned before, it may be worth bringing up again. If for nothing else to see that folks are still interested.

Feedback here:


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