Blendtec Blender being confused for already identified LG Electric Cooktop


I’m not sure what to do in this situation, whenever I use my Blendtec it tells me ‘Stove turned on’


I have sort of the same problem. As an AC compressor was running, part of the watts went to my Air Fryer and some went to “Other”. Sent a message to support. I hope there is a simple solution.


When this happens, go to the device page and locate the “stove” that is NOT on but is showing it is. Click that device then the gear in upper right corner. Scroll down to “report a problem”, click and then click “this device is not on”.
You have to catch it happening to do this report but after you’ve done it a few times it should get better.


Thanks @samwooly1 for the help. I have been having quite a few misbehaving devices. Slowly trying to work through them. The watts moving to the air fryer was a new one today. I contacted support, but I’m on the western end of the US, so I will have to wait until Monday (hopefully). The tricky part is catching the device in the act. I have already heard from them on other problems so I’ll get through this.


Remember to set notifications to “On” so you know right when it happens.
It’s frustrating when you know they are getting confused with each other and can’t catch them in the act.
Most of these things get better with time and more cycles running on each device.


Funny you should mention Notifications, I just got a pop-up to turn them on. Also thanks for the info on the Network, not my strong suit. @RyanAtSense had a good article today about that. I guess I got a little excited about that, I’m better now.


Yeah, that whole thread got shut down really quick.
The changes they made were good enough for me and they did address it really quickly.
Even had they not changed it the risk was extremely low of privacy issues. That’s my opinion at least.
I’m not as concerned as some but concerned enough that anything Google or Android I try to stay away from