[BUG] - Always on and other "monitor was offline" but it wasn't


I mentioned earlier - Sense might have tinkered with the real-time Always On calc and decided that they needed to go back and readjust. Outages aren’t the only driver for backfill - new models and updated/fixed calculations can also trigger backfills as well.

Still waiting for so called backfill from Friday.

I received an official response from Sense :talking_house: employee Rinchen. :roll_eyes:

“We apologize for the inconvenience in regards to the monitor being offline and we are glad to see your monitor is back online. Please let us know we have made some changes to the Timezone.”

Now every single one of my device’s usage graphs are always off by 2hrs. :frowning_face: Timeline and meters are still the current time.

His response to, Other usage is not being properly calculated. Individual days show other usage but nothing is reported for the week or month total. Other is showing usage for individual days total kWh cost and %, while weekly and monthly show nothing since September. I also attached Screen captures.
Was entirely an entirely irrelevant scripted response. :frowning_face:

"At this time, devices in the “Other” category cannot be manually identified. Rather, Sense will recognize them over time, as it collects more data from your home. This is because Sense uses factors such as the device’s wattage, on/off status, frequency of use, and your home’s overall activity to create accurate models to track your appliances.

If you are interested in helping Sense learn smaller devices quicker, such as computers, TVs, and lights, we would recommend using some of our current integrations with smart devices. With these devices, Sense will be able to accurately track low-wattage appliances with variable times of use. If you’re interested, you can read more about which smart devices Sense is compatible with here."

Guess he missed my add on CT’s, 29 TPLink (Kasa 115, 125 & 300) plugs & couple other integrated devices. :crazy_face:
I have another 8-9 Kasa plugs still in the box.

“helping Sense learn smaller devices quicker” Ummm??? No wonder why so many people ask about using smart plugs to train Sense to discover devices.

Oh hey look :talking_house:'s Rinchen thinks I moved from Buffalo, NY to Denver. This explains why as of today every device graph is off by 2hrs.

At EXACTLY 2am my actual time (EST). 12am Denver time (thanks to Rinchen), every single one of my device bar graphs is reporting as offline. Previously (before I teleported) only “Always On” and “Other” bar graphs as offline.

This makes me wonder if Rinchen’s goof may have inadvertently provided some insight.
When the time Zone is wrong everything reports offline…
Possibly a bug with the “Always On” and “Other” timestamp? Or could Sense be using a separate (out of time sync) server to calculate “Always On”?

You’ve been seeing this issue for an extended period of time? Mind if i share with DS to make sure that nothing broke during the last firmware update?

I’m talking to Jonah today about any adjustments that have been made to Always On. I believe you submitted a ticket last week and I surfaced that to our team, so I’ll touch-base for a follow-up.

My apologies for this. I’m tagging a Support lead into your ticket this morning to fix this and to escalate to a bug pending their findings.

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Our team is investigating the issue that @kevin1 reported earlier on to see if there’s a connection between that issue and this issue.

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You always welcome to look at and share my data. I can’t say when it started, but It is getting progressively worse. Many of my device level meters appear different than they used to months ago. With so many things going on I can’t pinpoint. I haphazardly summited a feedback ticket (262595) a week ago that was marked solved the following day with no response.

The issue is primarily with devices that have a heating element or a motor.

My Laser Printer was detected very early on and had been extremely accurate, now the bubble fires for my stove large burner but often later backfills as my printer. Printer uses about 460w, Stove about 2,500w.

My Toaster (820w), Oven (2,400w), Toaster Oven , Kureg (1,550 when heating), Air Fryer (1500w), Pressure cooker, Slow cooker and a number of other devices all report the same and always show about 820w.

Stove small burner (1230w) sometimes reports as stove small burner other times my toaster, etc… bubble.
I don’t expect everything to be perfect as many kitchen appliances use similar heating elements, but 820w & 2,400w are far from similar.

My Shark vacuum (1225w) is no longer reporting as Vacuum (same leg as before). My Shop Vac (1500w) is split with about 950w reporting as Vacuum and about 550w as other.

I have had some new unknown detections, AC “Not AC”, AC3 “Not AC 3”, Pump “Not Pump”, AC 4 (missing from device list, but appears in merge list, must have automatically merged with something?).

Not AC usually fires when my one dehumidifier compressor turns on, but not always and sometimes fires when my dehumidifier is off.

No need to apologize, you have always been awesome. :+1:

Rinchen just responded to the ticket again, wanting me to reply with the date/time, screen shots of the issue, etc… Umm… :roll_eyes: Can he not see the 15 I had already attached or read the actual messages?


Using a Kasa KP125 “Dehumidifier Test Plug” I’ve determined “Not AC” does in fact fire with one of my Dehumidifiers compressors (not the fan). But “Not AC” is reporting about 100-140w more than the Kasa (confirmed with a second Kasa).

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Sometimes my newly detected “Motor 2” fires for my dehumidifier instead of “Not AC” . The wattage for “Motor 2” is a bit more accurate, but still high.

“Not AC” does occasionally fire when Dehumidifier is not running, but shows less wattage.

I’m thinking Sense is trying to hard to link dehumidifier with another device believing it’s a component of something else. Possibly when Dehumidifier + something unknown is running it fires “Not AC”, when Dehumidifier + something else unknown is running it fires “Motor 2”, Also some other combination of devices can also causes “Not AC” to fire.

I’d love to believe that both bubbles are unrelated to my dehumidifier, but most often one or the other (usually “Not AC”) fires exactly when the compressor kicks on/off.

Turned dehumidifier (test plug) off for a couple days, “Motor 2” & “Not AC” didn’t fire. So I can confirm this dehumidifier has been natively detected twice, inaccurately both times. At times both “Motor 2” and “Not ac” fires at the same time.

“Dehumidifier Test Plug”

“Not AC”

“Motor 2”

“Other” issue:
Nothing makes any sense.

ALL GRAPHS Including “Trends”.
Everything is 1 behind, except bill view. today is the 1st, but that does not explain “This week” as today is Wednesday. Nor why there are no “year” stats shown.

Graphs from always on, but all devices show similar.


@JustinAtSense should I submit separate tickets so everything isn’t lumped into 263297? If so could you insure they are directed appropriately to avoid more scripted responses?

I’ll push them directly to our Support lead @obscuredtrip. Please submit in a separate ticket and let me know when it’s submitted.

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:+1:@JustinAtSense submitted #264763, #264767, #264770

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@obscuredtrip I’ve tagged Nick from Support on this ticket and he should be getting back to you today.

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#264763 was marked “Solved” with no response & I cannot re-open/ submit follow-up? The others are still open.

Now Umme, responded to ticket #264767 with a script meant for ticket #264763 :man_shrugging:

Zach responded to #264770 and can see the same (with Trends data) on his end being off by one. He has escalated it to the engineering team.

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Glad Zach was able to jump in on this - I’ll check in with your other tickets now. 26473 was probably merged with 26467.

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