[BUG] - App notification alert bug (Resolved)

I’ve reported this issue twice via TestFlight yet the bug still remains after several weeks…

When I get this alert for peak wattage, I can’t get the alert to go away; it consistently returns on the Now page. I can X out the alert but it pops back up immediately. Clicking Check it out sends me to the meter page but going back to the Now page, it pops back up and won’t go away.

@JustinAtSense do you know if this has been addressed or looked at?

I’m using iPhone 12 Pro on iOS 15.3 with app version 40.0-0dce26bad, build 1647.

I’m checking in with the Product team today about this and get back to you. Thanks for sharing.

I just submitted this as a bug, since usually what’s in testflight gets updated to the latest build. I’ll update this thread when i hear back.

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Just adding that I have had this as well. It only happened once, but it was exactly as @Edison517 described. I didn’t submit it because it wasn’t a crash and the Feedback app wasn’t playing nice on my phone.

This bug has been resolved with the latest release, v40.1.