[Bug]: Website notification issue

Hi folks, anyone else have this issue where normally it will show me what TOU zone I’m in, but if I turn off the alerts in the app for the zone, the website shows this and I can’t close it…

I’ve tried Firefox and Chrome, same result. Logged out/in, no change. I think turning notifications on/off let me close it but it came back again anyway.

@Edison517 I saw this bug pop up in a different thread, thinking it was a one-off. Please reach out to support@sense.com so we can track and diagnose this.

Yeah, I opened the other thread about that bug.
On Feb 11 Zach@sense asked me if I only saw that at web page, not at mobile app.
I confirmed that, nothing happened since.

I believe we’re tracking down some issues on our end - I’ll touch base with support today for an update here. Thank you.