Web App Gives Error Codes and Does Not Change Notification Settings

ya’ll need to fix your web issues i reported over 7 months ago that still keep happening. Not very good customer service with zero updates or even an inkling of a resolution.

Since we are not paying for their services monthly/yearly they are not motivated to change things.
They are not making profit on the hardware it seems.
Once they start selling the data they collected over the years and they can determine how many persons are living at a certain address, when the TV is switched on etc etc, that is when they will start to make a log of money.
Until then they totally rely on investors pumping $$$ into the company.

Don’t expect any obvious changes any time soon [TM]

The issue does not surround bells and whistles or even additonal services,.it’s a basic issue with the website erorring out when removing notifications.

@synbios88 , can you do it from the phone app instead of the web app ??

they dont translate tho…, you do one and it doesnt change the other. there’s no reason we should be getting error codes and lock outs when you close out a notification on the sense webpage, im sure their web guys could fix this with little effort.

@synbios88, not sure what you mean by “don’t translate tho”. The phone app is more likely to do exactly what you want since it is the “primary port” of the app and has been updated the most recently. Agree that the web app should mirror, but it doesn’t always, because it is a secondary and is coded entirely differently.

Going to move this to a new topic thread since we’re on Build 17.0.0-f334888, not Web App v4 anymore.

i mean you can clear out your app notifications but it doesn’t translate to your web, just saying stick to the app is a cop out, both should work without issue.

Agree web app should - just trying to make sure you can get done what you want to do, given current situation. And there will always be things that you need to do in the phone app, so you always need that as fallback for:

  • Setup
  • Network testing
  • Resets