[BUG] - Device Notifications from devices not listed in my device list

And now it’s infiltrating my Device showing incorrect info.

Notice all the “offs” disappeared after 11:07PM, not that it was ever really on to begin with.

And it still isn’t me

If you’re seeing this bug, please write into support@sense.com with the following details so we can track this issue:

Serial Number:
MonitorSW Version:
Phone type:
App version:

Sent in my support ticket.

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This really getting Annoying

I don’t have a pellet stove or a feed motor to it

And my Water Heater is NOT ON nor did it miss an off cycle.

Ditto my AC/Heat Pump

Apologies for the annoyance, we’re working on this as quickly as possible. I’ll make sure to update this thread once I have a notice, as I mentioned earlier.

FWIW - does temporarily disabling your notifications for Sense work? If so, you can probably disable Sense notifications for the time-being and wait until the issue is resolved before re-enabling.

I got a few as well. I open a ticket as instructed. I can click on the notification and it will take me to the device that actually has the alert set on for. Like my fridge light alert after 6 mins… The alert will say “HVAC- Has been on for 6 mins” or “Fan- Has been on for 6 mins” then if I click on the alert from the lock screen… It will open sense- devices- Fridge

Once I now look back at the notifications all of they say " Your Fridge light has been ON for 6 Minutes" and not the original message.

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Not to sound like a complete newbie but where is the “Monitor ID:” found?

disregard, we just need your monitor serial #.

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I’m getting nothing like that

Reported to Support over 35 hours ago.

As typical, no response or follow up.

And people wonder why one posts here instead of emailing Support.

Are all those bubbles actually things that are on in your house?

You think I photoshopped them🤷🏼‍♂️

Why would I do that?

No, that’s a just alot of bubbles. Not sure that I’ve seen that many on at my house all at one time.

If you have an example of a previous ticket that ticket more than 24 hours to receive a response on (considering that our support hours are 9AM-5PM, M-F) I would love to see it to share with Support.

In this case, the issue was being triaged by our team to understand what the root issue was. For situations like that, when a new bug is involved we’ll typically have it escalated to engineering before sending out responses. It looks like Support wrote to you last night with something similar to my update above. As I mentioned, I’ll keep this thread updated and Support will follow-up again once the issue is resolved.


Just thought I’d report that this issue seemed to have stopped. I’m not getting the weird notifications for devices I don’t have anymore.