Coffee pot scare

So after determining that my daughters new aquarium filter was using very little power I decided to move my TP-HS110 to my wife’s coffee maker. Well with the odds against me I moved the plug and plugged her coffee maker in last night and first thing this morning she woke up and came out to make a cup of coffee and sure enough the coffee maker wouldn’t brew a pot of coffee and was beeping and shutting off. She has one of those Ninja Coffee Bars and has been using it over the past two years and loves it. I wasn’t such a big fan and i didn’t like the way the coffee tasted from the coffee maker and told her it didn’t taste good at all but she insisted it was me. I sat in the kitchen for about an hour trying to figure out what i had done to break her precious coffee maker and watching all kinds of videos on YouTube to see if i could find a solution with no luck. As it turns out the coffee maker was dirty on the inside and when i tried to run just water through it i saw sediment coming out so i ran to the store and got those coffee maker cleaning pills and sure enough the coffee tastes delicious and it works again.


Be careful with the regular drip filter coffee makers. There is a carbon filter in most of them that people rarely replace. I checked my mother in laws recently. It was full of gunk and mold. I cleaned it and replaced the carbon filter(I buy 10 packs and replace them every few months).
I probably need to clean the inside too. Which cleaner did you use?