Combine Detected and KASA Smartplugs

As discussed in another thread, I have a Samsung Refrigerator with DC Motor. Sense detected “Heat 1”. It is suggested these are “heating coils” coming on 3 times in rapid succession every 3 hours for defrosting.

It was recommended I put a Smartplug on the Refrigerator.


Manually deleted the “Heat1” detection.

All is working as expected.

Several days later “Heat 1” is redetected.

I look for merge button to merge the two. Appears that it’s not there. Anyway to merge a Smartplug with a Detected Device?

If not, how do I get rid of “Heat 1” for good? I certainly do not need it now and it seems it is counted twice in Detection Total and Smartplug.

Yup, there’s a special merge for smartplugs. Go to the settings gear for that smartplug and under Manage, find the “ What’s plugged into this ?”. Under that, you should be a able to add any detections that are components of the device that the smartplug.

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