First day of sunshine with new Solar Panels

Seems like it took forever for the sun to come out after my solar system was activated on New Year’s Eve. Today was a mix of clouds and sun but tomorrow should be sunny all day. Almost a third of today’s usage was powered by solar. Looking forward to see what the results will be tomorrow.


Day 2 with and a full day of sunshine. Now I have a better idea of what to expect from my system. Since my panels face east and not to the south I start to lose production shortly after soar noon. The early morning ramps up quickly and descends at about the same rate until about mid- afternoon when the sun is no longer shining directly on the panels. What I wasn’t expecting was that the panels still produce power even when the sun is on the opposite side of the house and is not shining directly on the panels. It is a small amount of power but more than enough to power my always on devices.