Fridge Device or Fridge Freezer device?

Greetings all, I’ve been trying to track down this 119W device as a Fridge for a week or so now. I have confirmed it is my refrigerator how I have 2 devices found I have open to confirm. I confirmed wattage with kill-a-watt this evening but what I don’t know is if this is freezer side or fridge side. The other device only pops on once or twice a day but this one is on and off all the time. Really looking to understand if this is freezer side or fridge side? It is a Frigidaire gallery side-by-side. Appreciate any thoughts/feedback! The day long pic was with basically with very little opening the door that day!

I would check to see whether your fridge model has a single or dual compressor/evaporator. Most are still single compressor models.

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@kevin1 is there an easy way to figure this out? Went thru the manuals and searched compressor p/n online but doesn’t specify.

I think Frigidaire/Electrolux calls their dual compressor system “TwinTech”. Look for that in the the model description. If no TwinTech, likely only a single compressor.

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If there is ducting from the freezer to the fridge then it may only have one compressor.
Our GE Profile has only one compressor. It uses the freezer air to cool the fridge section. There is a fan, duct and flap that opens and closes as the fridge needs cooling.


Doesn’t mention in manual or product details card.

There is ducting between them.

@jonhawkes @kevin1 based on the cycle shown, is this cycling the fridge, the freezer or both and not able to determine? For what I provided, there we very few door openings on either side.

@norenlaw, if only there’s one compressor, then the device that is on and off all day is the compressor. That’s typical for a fridge. See this example: