Garage door as heat?


Sense has detected a new device categorized as heat. Only problem it looks a lot like my garage door. Goes on/off when the garage door opens. 2 days later it has now detected a garage door.
I would think a heat element and a motor has fairly different patterns. What should I think of this?


I wouldn’t be concerned with it. I have a feeling the start-up spike power level was detected separately from the operating power level. I’ve had similar experience from my furnace and fan last winter… But now I may not remember where the detection of that last left off until next winter.


Ugh so the garage door “opened” over 30 times while I was cooking… I had merged “heat 4” with the garage door and everything seemed good but i used my electric induction stove and oven tonight and clearly sense detects multiple devices under this “heat 4”… But I have no idea what. Could be a component of my electric range I guess.


Oh, I understood it the opposite way. If the heat device is on long enough, when you’re cooking and it thinks your garage door is running, do you have enough time to open the app and click on the garage opener device to choose the option “this device is not running”?


No you got it right, I was just trying to be funny :slight_smile: As i thought the “heat 4” was the garage door, i merged the 2 but kept the alert and the timeline display to verify, which gave me funny results when cooking. I now unmerged them.
So to summarise …
Garage door : sometime identified as such, sometimes identified as “heat 4”, sometime both, and sometimes missed altogether
Electric range : Sense has detected 3 devices, 2 where the highest suggestion was Oven, 1 where it was Stove. It now also seems to react with “heat 4”.

I had not noticed the “device not running” option, will try to hit it but most of the time, the heat 4 is on for such a short time that it’s only detected after it’s off already.

The mystery continues :slight_smile:


Update … i have since noticed that the mystery “Heat 4” gets triggered by a lot of things. Garage door, Food processor, oven, and i think even my induction cooktop. Should i just delete it ? It gets triggered so often that i’m not sure when to say “device not running”, plus it almost always only show as running for a few seconds so most of the time the detection/notification happens once it’s off already.