Got 8 devices to show up today

Ok I had 8 devices show up this evening.
1 - Dryer - cannot find the device as it is not the dryer, this shows previous usage that corresponds to when i use it but does not show when i turn it on now.
2 - Coffee Pot - This is my Instant Pot appliance (renamed)
3 - Laser Printer - cannot find
4 - Laser Printer2 - cannot find
5 - Laser Printer3 - cannot find
6 - Microwave - Perfect is my microwave
7 - Motor 1 - cannot find
8 - Water Heater - Perfect is my water heater

I have tried all the appliances with heating elements except dishwasher (I have dishwasher on a HS110) and not found what it is, I will try the dishwasher later today.

I have tried all my appliances with a motor [exhaust fan, house exhaust fan, convection oven and AC] and none activate the item.

The 3 laser printers none of which is my actual laser printer. All of my PC equipment has been tested along with my Ham radio equipment and cannot find the items.

Any suggestions on the items?

I would assume that items not feeding off this panel but feeding before would not get picked up (other items tied to the Main that my house feeds from. It is about 150’ of wire distance from my panel.


Turn on notifications for when the devices turn on. It’s in device settings. Then you’ll be able to correlate Sense on events with device usage.

I have that, I also turn things on manually to see, i cannot think of what else it could be that i could try. The items i do not have show last use back at the first of the year and nothing since yet.


Did you try an ice dispenser on a fridge for that motor?

Ice maker is continuously coming on this has not run for weeks.


Ok the dryer comes on after a while for the dryer (about 6 minutes in) and is only 1 leg of the dryer.
How can i get both legs as they are both being used at same time? or di i have to wait and hope in the future it comes up with the other leg so I can group them?


There’s a chance Sense will pick up the other leg and auto combine - that happened with my dryer. Only challenge now is that Sense sees the same “Dryer” when one of my in-floor 240V heaters cranks on.