I decided to keep my Sense - Why does it go offline at 5 and 8pm often?


I love/hate my sense. I love it when it works as advertised (maybe 35% of the time) and I hate it the other 65% of the time.
It goes offline at exact times often… like, 5pm, 8pm or other times BUT it’s ALWAYS at the top of the hour… never at 5:01 or 5:11… it’s always exactly at the top of the hour. It’s obviously something that sense is doing behind the scenes… not my wifi.
Yes it eventually comes back online by itself but it’s not tracking data while offline.



That does sound pretty odd. Want to shoot me a message with your serial # and I’ll look into it?


@dnh1263 and I are dealing with this via DM, but for anyone else who stumbles across this, it’s a pretty simple answer: We push out those emails at whole number hours, so nothing weird going on at all there!


Except that Sense is repeatedly going offline, there’s something going on there it would seem


Yep, we’re working on it with Support, but it’s nothing global that affects anyone else. Just an issue with this particular installation.


I have the exact same issue. Was told to change wifi device which of course made no difference. Has identified 0 devices in 6 months. Is there a way to tell if it is even getting a signal?


0 devices is definitely abnormal. Shoot me a message with your serial # and I’ll look into the status of your monitor.


Hi, thanks for your message, see serial number below. Thanks!

[image removed for privacy reasons]


My Sense goes offline every now and again too. See the following discussion: Solar production numbers low


same here, happening twice a day every other day (time of day vary), i’ve noticed a few times it occurring seconds before finding a device, gaps range from 15 seconds to a few mins, was working with support but haven’t heard from them in weeks


In the vast majority of cases, Sense goes offline due to wifi issues. But you want to message me with your serial #s (don’t post them here), I can check into it.