Sense offline at exactly 8am EST - Won't reboot by itself?


Hey guys the sense went offline today for the 2nd time since I’ve owned it… less than a month. To get it back online I have to remove the heavy metal panel face and manually reset the unit. Why can’t this thing reset itself? EDIT: I just read I can flip the breaker it is attached to but doing so makes me lose a bunch of data so my energy consumption data is incorrect.

Also, almost everytime I open the app to see what my current usage is, I get those annoying horizontally scrolling orange circles that tell me it’s trying to connect. Sometimes it will never connect and I just close the app out of frustration.

I’d like the sense to be a useful addition to my life but honestly, it’s just been annoying and mostly useless so far. I think I need to return it.


no need to respond as I am sending the sense back to amazon today. It’s just too annoying. I do need to find a gadget that works reliably though. I will appreciate recommendations on something else that would track my usage and allow me to look into it weekly, monthly and yearly.

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