I want to delete with confidence

My dryer was recently missing lots of on/off events after a few days so I deleted it. It was redetected the next day but with 97% probability that it was an air conditioner per the community naming. The model also didn’t match the old waveform (didn’t include the spikes from the heating elements). I contacted support and they suggested deleting it again which I have done.

Per https://blog.sense.com/behind-scenes-deleting-device/ sometimes a deleted device will be categorized as noise and not be detected again. I want to be able to delete a device without worry of this happening. I don’t know how best to implemented this, but maybe a checkbox that says “Ignore future similar devices” or a dropdown to select why you are deleting this (e.g. “No longer own”, “Missing on/off events”, “Cannot identify device”, etc).

What do you guys think?


Fortunately, it came back and was detected as a dryer with a very nice looking waveform :slight_smile: Whew!