Icon badge: What does this mean?


Does that not mean you have a Sense notification?

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I don’t know…and notification of what? It doesn’t tie to any device discovery or forum reply, etc. I’m honestly not sure what it means.

Have you receive a push notification from Sense recently that you haven’t clicked in to?

It could come if you set an alert when something is detected on or off, or if you met a goal (or didn’t)

Thanks all. That said, where does one find the specific reason for it showing up? If it’s not specifically called out then it isn’t helpful. I went to notifications screen and Yes, I have notifications set to on in most cases… but I e got no idea where to find the specifics. Thanks for your help!

Usually when I have an alert indication like you are showing, an alert box pops up when I enter the Sense app. Maybe getting out of the app and back in will bring up the alert box ?

I don’t get that alert box when I have a display like that one I showed in the image…

I will say for me, I usually can’t find the reason for the App Badge. I do get Push notification for On / Off alerts, and often the app will get a badge, but if I didn’t see the push notification, when I launch the app, there is no way to see what triggered the badge. In bubble view, you can scroll through the event “feed” and sometimes pin point what caused it if you remember what actions you have set to push alerts. The only time I usually an tell is when it is some other kind of alert, like a new device found where that alert seems to stay at the top of the feed until you see it for the first time. But most times, regardless of how many push notifications I get, the app will get a badge of one alert until I launch the app.

Don’t worry about this @sense; spend the effort on identifying my 2019 BMW i3. This is my 3rd i3 lease over 5 years and none of them have been identified. Really…the car detection is more important.

That’s interesting. Our i3 was detected readily, but our Tesla S has never been detected.

One of the problems here is that you have to charge an electric vehicle at least 30 times within a 60 day window, or it won’t be detected.

While my wife uses her i3 almost daily for commuting, I work at home and we tend to use the Model S less frequently - certainly I don’t charge it every other day. So, it has never been detected.

It seems kind of crazy that the model needs that many charging cycles to tell it’s an electric car - I can’t think of any other things that might use this amount of power on a regular basis (our Model S charges at 80A and something like 20kW). I know the ramps are a bit challenging to detect…but 30 examples over 60 days?!?

Let’s keep EV talk in the relevant thread and leave this focused on alert badges. I’m looking into that issue.

Adding my 2c…I often get this alert badge. It only ever has ‘1’, and I really have no idea what the point of it is. I don’t have any goals set up, and when I click on the app icon (when it is showing an alert badge) I get no popup or info. Not a big deal either way, but I’ve learned to ignore it.

Got the official scoop from engineering:

Only push notifications will trigger badges. Push notifications can come from a variety of features: When a new device is detected, when your monitor goes offline, trending and reaching a Goal, custom device notifications, and all the updates in the recent Home Energy Notifications feature release.

As for why it only shows 1, that’s the max it will show right now. This is something we intend to revisit in the future.


Thanks Ryan. As I don’t get any banner ,etc indicating what the “badge” is all about I’ll judt turn off these notifications. Please let us know when an update has been applied so we can revisit.

Fair enough, but as I started this discussion on (stinking badges :blush:) I figured I had the right to change the prioritization. Ok, back to badges…

I still think that push notifications have a lot of value, despite the app badge perhaps not having much. I rely on push notifications quite frequently, as, despite my love for Sense, I’m not always in my app.

As for the changing topic, of course you do. I just like to think from the perspective of someone searching for answers on either EVs or notifications. Generally, the best place to look is in threads focused on such. For the benefit of the wider community, it’s a best practice (thought not always totally possible) to keep threads on track.

Hi Ryan,

I think the issue at hand is that there is no way to know what the badge notifications are for once you open the app as there isn’t a “notifications” interface per sea in the app. So before you look at getting the badge to reflect more notifications, it would be great if you could look at helping us know what the badge is for.

I like the push notifications and use them alot. Most times I see them, but there are times where I’ll have 3 or 4 nested notifications but I’ve already unlocked the phone before reading them all.
But when that badge is just taunting me on the app of “I have something to tell you” but then I launch the app and can’t tell what it was for, its frustrating.

Sorry, I meant that the entire notification flow is something we intend to revisit, not just the quantity shown in the badge.