Improve your Trouble Ticket response time


I have an issue with my monitor going offline 98% of the time, and I cant get a technician to connect to my account to take a look in a timely manner, before the monitor goes back offline…


I feel your pain… I think I would rather have Sense invest in better monitoring and trapping of situations where the probe has problems communicating with the mothership and with smart plugs, so they can detect these issues and pull diagnostic data automatically.

But we also have to be aware of the variability of our own networks and their somewhat unpredictable connection to the internet, since they can cause dropouts as well.

I have discovered a few surprises over the years:

  • Don’t point to a DNS server that is different than your ISP. I tried Google DNS for a while until I discovered that that really hosed up the CDN delivery for several of my video streaming sources, including Apple.
  • Bandwidth checkers can vary greatly and they are all telling the truth. Try looking at the differences between Ookla and MLab speed tests and you will likely see major differences because they each route your testing data using different strategies. Ookla will typically be best case, and MLab will tend towards worst case.
  • Asymmetric networking is truly that. My kids will tell you that I should never be uploading photos, etc. when they are gaming because it kills their response times and frame rates. Downloads and streaming that work well when upstream traffic is essentially nil, have a nasty way of failing when you have major upstream traffic.


Can I ask what your turnaround times tend to be like? We do our best to respond within 24 hours. We’re still a very small company and thus have a small support staff. But I understand the frustration, especially for transient issues like this. It’s something that the Support team is working to improve and we’re hoping to have live chat and/or phone support in the near future. As you can imagine, that requires a lot of resourcing.

@kevin1 we’re actually working on some diagnostic tools around connection issues at the moment. They’re not user facing, but will help us better track and assess connection issues over time.



First submission of a ticket it took weeks and still no response. Second attempt is better. I am getting a response but my connectivity to the sense monitor is horrible. It connects for maybe a couple hours at max, and is then off line for the remainder of the time. Every time I send a request to access the monitor settings I don’t get a response for hours so inadvertently…it’s back off line.

How about a phone call? May make it much easier.


I’m going to shoot you a PM about this, since we’re getting into private info territory.