Investigating: Sense shows device is On but it's not (Web App)

If by mobile you mean away from home I only do that a couple times a year. It is happening with the WEB APP running on Safari and Chrome on my IMAC. IOS on my iPad and iPad Pro seem to be right most of the time. The issue is logged with ticket number(124436) if you want to see whats going on.


There have been many posts about this lately and appears to affect mobile only. By mobile that would be a web browser and not the IOS or Android apps.
I had it start happening about a month ago and switched to Opera, no problem now.
I was using Edge and Firefox originally.

By mobile, I’m referring to the mobile apps, i.e., iOS and Android. This seems to be only happening on Web Apps. I’m going to merge with the other thread. Please continue reporting to Support.

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I thought Opera was immune from this problem but it is not.
Tonight there are a total of 11 Devices showing on in Opera
and Edge that are not. The iPhone app is still showing
So this is just repeat of what others are experiencing.
Submitted ticket.

Same here - Safari and Chrome so devices on that are not on or showing on in the iOS app. And Safari and Chrome aren’t showing the same set of devices.

Sent to support.

I’ve encountered a problem the last couple of days where the phone app correctly populates the device list with active and inactive devices but the web app does not.
The web app is showing more devices on than are actually on. Sometimes it will show devices totaling over 12,000 watts on when my current use is less than 700 watts.
Is anyone else experiencing this?
Here are screenshots from both phone and web at same moment in time. Maybe five seconds apart.
image image

Same issue on my end.

The “tell” that it’s a browser interface issue is if you look at the Now bubbles you see they seem to correctly correlate with current usage.

That’s exactly what I’m seeing @ixu
Support just now got back to me and suggested I delete and reinstall iPhone APP.
What? The phone app is correct

Yes, that clearly makes no sense!

What does makes sense and I narrowed things down to is Browser caching.

I just launched another browser (Safari vs Firefox in my case) and the new, never cached because never logged in, browser window is displaying devices correctly … in parallel, fyi, with the incorrect listing in Firefox.

Cache purge may fix things.

I just tried another browser (Edge) that had been cleared, same results. I had tried this earlier but had not cleared the cache.
The problem remains for me

Mod note: This is a known issue. Moving the thread accordingly.

I’m having this same issue - was going to post then found this thread… Both screenshots taken at the same time. iPhone X & MacBook Pro running Safari (or any other browser).


There is a known issue right now.
Report yours to support please.
The web app shows 15 devices of mine that are on when only 5 are

On a meta note … does it make sense to perhaps mod a “known issue” thread to add a known-issue tag or mod the title of the post? It’s often laborious to read longer threads and everybody, now & then, is prone to just post unnecessarily.

Case in point? :laughing:

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