Kettle Detection Has Gotten Confused With Mystery Device?

I am new to the Sense community and have sense only a few weeks active.
So far I am not at all convinced about the device as it initially detected a device correctly but then just overloaded another device to the previously identified one and I am no longer able to locate the first correctly.
E.g. I have a water kettle that was identified correctly at first, but I also have a mystery pulsing device with almost the same power use as the water kettle and suddenly it just started to pulse the water kettle. This is not very satisfying.
I basically had to rename the water kettle to mystery device as it no longer is my water kettle.

Welcome @mwilneriot ,
There is also a chance that Sense is detecting both your kettle and some other device with the same detection. We call that device conflation. I have a Floor Heating loop that is almost the same wattage as my Dryer Heating element - both show up as the same Sense device. I named it “Floor Heat / Dryer” instead of battling to get an individual detection from each.

Thank you @kevin1 for the explanation.
It is interesting to know the flaws of this system and makes me understand how much further AI technology still has to go. I am in the SW business and understand what is involved to some extent and hope that the company has a chance to continue working on this and not give up or go belly up and I have wasted another some $300. I have been experimenting with IoT for a while now and have used several devices to make the home smarter or to understand what is going on in the house. This seemed to be an interesting tool to dig into some of the mysteries my Energy provider is always pointing out to me that I am supposed to use way more energy than my comparable neighbors. If I can find out what is using this mystery energy I would be happy but at the current time, I have little hope.

I wouldn’t be concerned about Sense going belly up - they received $105M in funding in mid 2022:

They also have partnerships with Schneider/Square D and Landis & Gyr, a couple of the world’s largest makers of energy management systems. And they have their technology embedded in Ladis & Gyr’s most advanced meter.

Screenshot 2023-01-16 at 9.03.18 PM

I don’t know what the devices you have in your house, but Sense has done a good job finding the the big-ticket items in mine. Here’s a winter time (Furnace vs AC) view for Dec. Other is only 8%. And your can see my conflated Dryer / Floor Heating Loop combo.

Thank you @kevin1 that is very helpful.
I will hang in there for now as I said I am new to this and will let the system do its thing for a while.

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