KP115 available to buy in Canada?

I just installed my Sense one week ago, and I have read a lot on this forum about smart plugs. I want to purchase the TP-link KP115, but I can seem to find a place to purchase any online in Canada. I am starting to wonder if it is not available from Canadian retailers because it is not certified in Canada yet?

Has anybody else living in Canada run into this KP115 availability issue before?

Amazon has them but super expensive compared to US prices:

Can’t answer you questions about availability in Canada.
Have you tried looking for the new KP125? It’s the same as the KP115 but also supports integration with Homekit. Oddly it’s also cheaper.

I looked up the certificiarions, and the KP115 has a UL certification, but not a cUL certification, therefore it can’t be sold in Canada.

I purchased a number of units earlier this year that I never used. Sitting in the box doing nothing. If interested in some, message me. If wanted, to lower any import consideration, I could pull them out of box if wanted.

Otherwise I’ll probably list on eBay.