Leg Voltages Showing as 0.0V in iOS iPhone (and Android) Power Quality

in the latest beta app for iOS it doesnt show/read the voltages since the last beta ver

I’m not sure if that was the beta or a Power Quality update issue. I’m on 43.2 (1870) iOS beta here and seeing things OK. And it looks like the update has occurred for me, since I’m now on Feb 6.

@danderson, can you share what you are seeing ?


I was able to confirm that Voltage Now in Sense labs is reporting on 0.0 V for Android and iOS. I sent this to engineering to get this resolved.

It could take a little bit to get this fixed, so in the interim:
If you are using a mobile app, you can go to Settings > My Home > Monitor: Voltage
There you can see the live readings, which are working. L1 is the left L2 is the right.

The Voltage Now section in the web app home.sense.com also works as expected.


@JamesDrewAtSense , if it helps, seems like this issue in present in iOS app on iPhone, but not on iPad. I see it on my iPhone, but not on two iPads with different versions of the app (43.3 and 43.2)

I’m going to move @danderson’s thread into a new topic.


Thanks, @kevin1. I was able to confirm as well that Votage Now in Sense labs on IPad OS seems to work as expected. Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve added it to the engineering ticket for more context.

Yes and this is working fine, but around a year ago or so the readings became worthless as its only whole numbers like 121/120 instead of to the 1st decimal at least. i.e. 121.4/120.8

and in labs it atleast goes to the 1st decimal

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If you want to view “Voltage Now” on your phone using Sense labs, as a workaround while we fix this, you can do this: Use the browser to go to home.sense.com and “request desktop site.” Next, log in and go to “voltage now,” you will see the correct voltage now.

The issue is that when the app believes you are using a mobile phone, the “Voltage Now” section will display as zero. This can also be confirmed by when you use Sense app for iPad app, you will find “Voltage Now” is displayed correctly.
If you use the “mobile” browser, “Voltage Now” will display as “0”.

I hope this helps. I’m working on getting this fixed; thanks your hanging in there while we work on it.


thanks for the info

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Just want to confirm that I’m also having the same issue no voltage information on the labs section.

Noticed the same issue recently, Voltage now: 0.0V for L1 and L2.
Today, I’m at:
App Version 43.2
iOS 16.3.1

Thanks for working on this, and for the workaround!

Just wondering if there has been a update or a fix as I’m still seeing 0 volts in the areas previously mentioned.


Not yet, still showing 0 here as well

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It’s weird because the voltages are just fine in the iPad variant of the app/layout, but 0 on iPhone variant.

Just checked my iPad and iPHone, same here, 0’s on the iPhone for Voltage Now, and 118.1V on L1, 118.0 on L2 on the iPad.