Lost real time usage graph


LG G4 Android 6.0 Verizon


Just got an email back from support that they are working on a fix and it should be incorporated into the next app update on March 5th.


Beat me to it, @shawn! Thanks for posting!

What’s New in v19

Is the app update running behind?


Yup, very sorry for the delay @shawn. We’re in final testing now. Stay tuned!


Hi everyone -

That Android fix is now available, along with some new features including backfilled historical data for new devices, additional device statistics, and more!

Thanks for your helping in identifying and isolating this issue!


Thanks for the update, I am back running again and will check out the new stuff.


Thanks for the new app. The v18 Sense App on my Android phone had become very slow and unresponsive at times. Now with the new v19 version, the Sense App on my phone works as well as the Sense app on the Ipad.