Multiple Oven Heating Elements


I have an in-wall mount GE oven. I had a plethora of heating elements identified a few days ago and finally found the time to identify them. Three are without a doubt linked to the oven; all three come on at various times during the preheat function, sometimes all at the same time. Can anyone educate me on the mechanics of an oven and why i may have three heating elements?


Depends on the oven. I have a GE profile in wall stacked double oven. It’ll also do convection. It has one broil element on the top of each oven and hidden under the bottom metal shell of each oven is the bake element. I believe it’s this way because the oven can also do convection and even when not in convection mode, the convection fan still runs to circulate the bake element heat.

During preheat, the broil element turns on and off every 15 seconds or so. The hidden bake element stays on during the entire preheat. To maintain heat both the broil and bake elements come turn on and off. It’s possible you have three elements but I’d need to know the model number so I can look it up.

Most of the ovens I’ve seen have exposed bake and broil elements.


Interesting. That must be what I have going on as well. It’s a GE model JT5000SF3SS.

It definitely has three heat elements associated with it. Your description makes me think I should only have two though.


I checked the parts diagram and it has a broil element and a hidden bake element. I wonder if sense is detecting the third device as both elements turned on at the same time. Do two of the devices added together equal the third?


I just noticed this is a convection oven that can convection bake and broil as well as thermal bake and broil. It has a squirrel cage fan assembly. I wonder if sense is detecting the fan as the third device. What are the watts of each of the three devices?


Have a look at your main usage graph - you may be picking up multiple legs of multiple parts. See what the whole is and then decide if the parts equal the sum of the whole.


I have the same year ge oven, only the in wall combo microwave version. I have three devices. A preheating element and two heating elements one for each phase.


I believe I have it figured out.

There is one unit underneath and one exposed broiler heating element which are used for preheating. There is a third which also comes on during preheat but i see more active after the preheat is completed used for sustaining.

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