Municipal Electric Company - Rates


My town has a number of rates: Generation Charge (below/above 750 KW), Transmission Charge (below/above 750 KW), Distribution Charge, Energy Charge, PASNY Credit.

How do I account for this information in the app?



Hi. Welcome!
AEP Ohio has a similar change at 800kWh. You and I are kinda blessed with this simple change in our billing.
I found a very reliable method of formulating an average of several Electric Bills:
Grand Total of Bill divided by that Bill’s Total kwh.
$201 / 1518.8kWh = $0.13234

I hope this helps you. I find it very useful.


Great idea, @MachoDrone.

We do hope to be able to add features that can help account for these types of charges within your app @srvsns, but it will take some time. In the meantime, I hope @MachoDrone’s suggestion helps you estimate your costs a bit more closely.